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By The Insights Family

The Insights Family – the global leader in kids, teens, parents, and family market intelligence – were invited to speak at this year’s edition of MIPCOM in Cannes. This is the fourth consecutive year that MIPCOM has partnered with The Insights Family to present the latest trends that they have seen, and the implications of these trends on the content industry.


This year’s presentation titled “The Family Revolution: The Audience of Tomorrow – Today!” was delivered by Nick Richardson, Founder of The Insights Family, as well as Danielle Davies, Founder of Meon Media, and Former Discovery Kids VP of Content Strategy & Partnerships. Both of which have a vast amount of experience working within the kid and family-focused industries and within content, in addition to providing reliable and actionable intelligence to a huge range of content creators.


The presentation, utilising this combined experience, as well as The Insights Family’s reliable, real-time, and independent research and data, revealed that across the globe, there are around 1.5 billion Millennial and Gen Z parents, and as a result of the family environment constantly shifting, the family ecosystem is constantly shifting. Putting this into perspective, this means that 35% of parents globally have never known a world without VOD, around 1.4 billion kids, teens, and parents don’t know a world without YouTube, and around 440 million people don’t know a world without TikTok. 


On top of this, the content industry is also changing rapidly. The broadcast market is currently valued at approximately U$250 billion, with this expected to rise to over U$270 billion by 2026. Furthermore, PTV is valued at around U$200 billion, with this being expected to fall to U$143 billion by 2026, and with VOD rising from its current value – U$80 billion – to U$200 billion within the next 5 years. These are huge, expected changes to the industry we currently know, but this is amplified further when social media is added into the mix. Around the world, there are 25,000+ TV channels, there are currently over 50 million YouTube channels alone. Additionally, over 60% of TikTok users are Gen Z and in 2021 the platform generated over U$4billion in ad revenue. This demonstrated the new opportunities and challenges that new social platforms are creating in the content industry.


The way that families are consuming content has changed. Parents are beginning to become more progressive with the way that their kids consume content as well as themselves. In The UK alone, 89% of parents say that their kids have access to a smartphone, a +9% increase since 2021, over a quarter of Millennial and Gen Z parents say they allow their 11-13-year-olds to access YouTube and TikTok unsupervised, a +63% since January 2021, and that 80% of parents report to playing video games as a hobby with their kids, a +70% increase since January 2021. Accelerating this further, streaming, YouTube, and gaming all rank within the top 5 media types for kids aged 6-9 across the EU5.


Gaming has seen consistent growth since the start of the pandemic in 2020. The Insights Family data reveals that across the EU5 and the US, kids aged between 6-18 who are gamers, report to be around +10% happier and more active than those who say they are not gamers. Furthermore, as the amount of free time spent online has increased, so has the percentage of money being spent online by kids. This demonstrated the importance of self-expression to kids today, and their needs to tell their stories both in the real world, and in the digital world too. But has also shown the importance and effectiveness of the direct-to-consumer model when it comes to online interactive platforms. This is something that giants like Minecraft, Fortnite, and Roblox have successfully achieved. Gaming has become a keyway to reaching kids online but tracking changes and generating ROI has never been so difficult. However, with the right data, it’s more than possible.


The content industry is changing and evolving right before our eyes. With so many platforms around now, there is a constant need for content that is immediately consumed. New IPs face pressure to launch with a 360° plan from day one. Now more than ever, an opinion or action reaches millions instantly, and partnering with the right brand has never been so important. Partnerships can make instant success, or even instant failure. It is therefore vital for brands to have access to the latest and most up-to-date market intelligence in order to stay ahead of the curve, and spot future trends as they are happening.

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