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14 November 2022

MIP Cancun 2022: The industry is strengthened by becoming more diverse in Cancun

The distribution business isn’t going anywhere, but it is moving into new realms.

By MIP Cancun Team

With an attendance of more than 800 delegates, including key industry leaders, keynote speakers and CEOs looking to share their perspective of what lies ahead, MIP Cancun 2022 was once again positioned as the perfect point to develop networking opportunities between buyers, producers and distributors through its unique format of 1-to-1 pre-scheduled meetings.

MIP Cancun 2022 offers an unparalleled variety of sessions, keynotes and meetings, to talk in depth about content trends, financial challenges, strategic alliances and the challenge of proposing an opening to diversity and inclusion within all levels of the industry, all this from different perspectives from around the world.


This year MIP Cancun is all about relationships

Maria Perez-Belliere, serves as Director for the first time in this historic 9th Edition of MIP Cancun. She offered a warm welcome to all delegates, speaking in her native language:

Queridos amigos, ¡bienvenidos! Siéntanse como en casa

What is the audience demanding?

The Managing Director of The Wit International Services, Caroline Servy, offered a detailed and updated guide on the main trends and insights regarding viewing in the areas of scripted drama and fiction originating in Latin America, Spain, Turkey and the Hispanic sector of the United States of America.

The Director showcased some emerging titles, “Renaissance'', “El Inmortal”, with which she took the opportunity to mention the impact of the contents belonging to the genre of fiction based on real crimes, since "... it represents 12% of the  audience’s demand".

She also presented scripted fiction titles, such as "Bosé" and "Leandro Díaz", in which Servy recognized the tendency in both, open and paid television to produce biopics of characters who are as famous as they are controversial.

Inclusion was a central theme in the presentation by the Director of The Wit International Services, as she presented series such as “Cromosoma 21”, “Queens For The Night” and “Fácil”, which features leading neuro-divergent characters or members of the LGBT+ community.

During the first day of MIP Cancun, a primary topic to know was : Which is the most demanded topic by the Latin American audience? To answer this question, we were joined by Monica Trujillo-Jamison, Director of Insights Analytics, Parrot Analytics; as well as Carlos Quintanilla Sakar, Vice President, Original Content, Telemundo Streaming Studios.


Trujillo-Jamison emphasized the viewer’s most important resource: their time. With the growth of streaming content platforms, audiences have found it necessary to manage the time they spend on the content they consume.

Faced with this situation, Monica pointed out the importance of knowing the form and content in which the public makes use of their time, highlighting the popularity, in particular, of the consumption of Japanese animation, anime, as well as soap operas, by the Latin American audience.

On the other hand, Carlos Quintanilla recalled that it is not about replicating the content that has been successful, but about approaching it from an analytical perspective, which means being capable of finding the factors that made content successful, and trying to retake those good decisions to create something new.

“Great stories will always be in high demand”


Key content to increase subscribers

It was Daniel Punt’s turn, Senior Director at FTI Consulting, to talk about the different types of content and its behavior in the market, and how it drives the growth of subscriptions on the SVOD, AVOD and Fast TV platforms.

Punt explained the downward trend that streaming content platforms are presenting in terms of their subscriber base, since not only Netflix, but also the competition faces problems in maintaining the interest of its users to continue within  their services.

How are the different streaming platforms dealing with this situation? Daniel noted:

“The SVOD, AVOD and Fast TV platforms were in a volume market, generating content in large quantities; however, currently the focus is to produce from a more strategic segmentation, which not only increases the number of subscribers, but also promotes their permanence on the platforms”.


In exclusive, Sony Pictures new screening "Reputación Dudosa"

As part of the closure of Day 1, Sony Pictures Television exclusively presented its new black comedy for Claro Video, "Reputación Dudosa", which recounts the sudden and inexplicable death of a businessman and the investigation that follows, guided by one of the best detectives who also is his lover.

For the exclusive screening, the Director, Álvaro Curiel, was present to speak for the first time about this newest project, at MIP Cancun!

“I didn't want to just take a directing job, get paid and walk away; I wanted to set myself the challenge of directing a series that I would really like to see as a viewer, and it seems to me that we achieved it”


Pre-opening Drinks and networking

Once again, co-hosted with Sony Pictures Television, after its exclusive screening, a pre-opening drinks night was offered in which all delegates were able to enjoy complimentary appetizers, with the objective of establishing networking relationships, and of course, have fun.

What did you think of Day 1? Tomorrow we have many more surprises prepared for you, we are waiting for you!


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