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15 September 2022

Crossing Borders: Top Content Trends Across Latin America and Spain - White Paper

In this report made in partnership with Parrot Analytics, we will help you understand the competitive landscape of the content business in Latin America and Spain, providing insights into the audience preferences across those regions.

By Parrot Analytics

Streaming platforms have opened up entire worlds to audiences globally, causing an increase in competition in the TV industry. Consumers now have access to quality content around the world that previously wasn’t available due to relatively limiting distribution deals. By dramatically increasing the number of shows available, streaming has stretched audience attention thin and replaced old consumer habits with new ones. The traditional business model has changed, and now local content and global hits compete with each other for the audience's attention. 

How should producers and commissioners of content react to the new global demand for international content and to this new attention economy? As digital TV platforms expose audiences to a wider and more global selection of titles, content creators and distributors must learn how these platforms are different from traditional broadcast and linear networks. Important questions to be answered by content producers include: what shows to produce according to where and when it will be distributed; what's the most suitable release strategy for that content, episodic or binge; what's the audience profile for content, and which kind of shows help to increase the number of subscribers and retention.

Being able to quantify these aspects and answer these questions is essential to convert opportunities into growth, since audience demand is the driving force shaping the industry. In this report, called 'Crossing Borders: Top Content Trends Across Latin America and Spain', we will help you understand the competitive landscape of the content business in Latin America and Spain, providing insights into the audience preferences across those regions.

We invite you to download our exclusive white paper titled “Crossing Borders: Top Content Trends Across Latin America and Spain”  to learn about the following aspects of the TV industry:

  • A case study about the rising demand for Turkish TV shows in Latin America, including: 
    • What are the most successful Turkish shows in the region
    • What makes a Turkish show have high demand in Latin America
    • Who is watching these shows
    • Which whitespace opportunities are available for content in Latin America
  • Which kind of talent do audiences in Latin America value the most: Musical talents, movie stars, athletes, etc.
  • Who is the next generation of rising stars in the region
  • What content is being most successfully exported from Latin America
  • Demand trends for Hispanic content in the US, including how US demand for this content differs from audience demand in Latin America
  • The growing demand for Japanese and Korean language content
  • How telenovelas are still popular in the region even in the age of streaming
  • Market-level insights for the Latin American region including:
    • How do audience content preferences in each market differ from the global average
    • Key market-specific whitespace opportunities reveal where there is room for more content to meet undersupplied demand
    • What share of demand does the content from each streaming platform control in each market and how has this changed over time
    • The top 20 most in-demand series in each market

About the author


Parrot Analytics is a data science company that empowers media companies, brands and agencies to understand global audience demand for television content. Wielding the world’s largest audience behavior data sets, the company has developed the world’s only global cross-platform, country-specific audience demand measurement system. Parrot Analytics captures an unprecedented spectrum of actual audience behavior including video streaming consumption, social media, blogging platforms, file-sharing and peer-to-peer consumption spanning 249 countries. This enables media companies, for the very first time, to understand audience demand for content across all content distribution platforms in all markets around the world.

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