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16 November 2022

MIP Cancun 2022: True and complete representation is the only path for the LATAM and US Hispanic TV

By MIP Cancun Team

Breakfast and exclusive peeks!

The third day in MIP Cancun is here! And it kicked off with a simultaneous breakfast with an exclusive screening, so delegates could see A+E's most successful genres and formats, as well as what they have in store for the industry in the near future.


And at the same time, a paradisiacal breakfast was held, next to the beach and accompanied by the sun's rays, between top producers and commissioners of the industry.



The comfort of Latin Melodrama

Why is melodrama one of the favorite formats of the Latin American public? It is because of the empathy they achieve between their characters, and because of the comfort they offer viewers

Karen Barroeta

The Executive Vice President of Production and Development at Telemundo Global Studios, NBCUNIVERSAL / Telemundo Enterprises, Karen Barroeta, mentioned during her MIP Cancun Keynote that the key to the success of Latin Melodramas is, in part, their long broadcast format, but also, the way in which they generate comfort with the public.

"People become attached to real, profound characters, and through that emotional bond, audiences add TV shows to their daily routine."

Diversity enriches the TV industry

It was the turn of the MIP Cancun Talk between Christian Gabela, Senior Vice President, Director of SPLATAM & US Latinx, Gaumont; Flavio Morales, Executive Vice President, Endemol Shine Latino, U.S. Initiatives, Endemol Shine; Juana Maria Torres, Director of Original Production A&E and Lifetime, A+E Networks, to talk about how every television project is enriched with creativity and innovative proposals.


Diversity is not an empty word, it is the importance of knowing who you are and wanting to see yourself represented in the stories you consume. I think we all have that right

Juana Maria Torres

At the same time that conversations of Day 3 were taking place, the Distribution Market and the Co-Production Forum were held. Two spaces dedicated to creating business opportunities for producers, distributors and commissioners, through MIP Cancun’s characteristic one to one  format of pre-scheduled meetings.

Day 3 was complemented by moments of rest and networking opportunities for all delegates, as was the case with the Coffee Break presented by Sony, in which attendees took the opportunity to take a break before continuing with the day's talks.


Non-scripted content leads streaming

In his conversation about creating successful non-scripted projects, Marie Leguizamo, Managing Director at Banijay Mexico & U.S. Hispanic; Roxanne Pompa, Vice President of International Formats and Content Distribution at Paramount Global; Sergio Nakasone, Director of Unscripted Development, Warner Bros. Discovery, recognized the transformation that streaming platforms have generated in formats that are successful within audiences.


In the past, fiction was the most successful format, and it is often thought that it still is, but it is non-scripted formats, such as reality shows and game shows, that are taking over the public's attention

Roxanne Pompa

Learning from the experts

"How to make the public stay throughout a show so that it can continue? Very easy: give them a reason to stay." Simon Barry


During his masterclass, Simon Barry, Showrunner / Director / Executive Producer at Reality Distortion Field Inc.; and Roy Ashton, Partner/Head of TV, The Gersh Agency, pointed out the importance of being self-critical when making a television production. “Are my characters really interesting?” The success or failure of any production will depend on the answer, which is why it is the most important thing that a producer and a showrunner should ask themselves.


Time for snack and screen, presented by Telemundo Streaming Studios and Underground Productions

In #MIPCancun, who doesn't risk, doesn't win. That is the philosophy that Telemundo Streaming Studios presented, a philosophy of telling different stories, but betting on new formats, genres and diverse protagonists with high production values. Those were the words of Juan Ponce, SVP & GM, Telemundo Streaming Studios; Pablo Culell, VP, Original Content Development and Head of Teleseries, Telemundo Streaming Studios/ Underground Productions; and Lara Talamas, Senior Director, Original Production and Co-Production Partnerships, Telemundo Streaming Studios.

Creative freedom is essential to create risky and original stories, but it is also important to know which risks the audience wants, identify which ones they are not looking for or which ones they are not interested at all

Pablo Culell

Partnerships are the key to successful projects

During the third day of MIP Cancun, two talks were held about the importance of forming partnerships between producers, distributors and buyers: "Creating and Landing Successful Content Alliances", with Jorge Balleste, Vice President of Content Acquisition and Alliances, Televisa Univision; and Eddy Arias, Vice President of International Content Alliances, Pluto TV; and Creative and Successful Production Hubs: Colombia and Chile, with Ashley Salman, International Producer, CinemaChile; Macarena Cardone, Executive Producer, Invercine.

In both talks, the conclusion was overwhelming: partnerships are vital for the future of the industry. First , for economic reasons, but also for cultural reasons, to generate a pure Latin American television identity.

"The multiculturalism of the partnerships between Latin American countries allows us to tell unique stories that touch the audiences of these countries deeply and connect them  with characters with whom they identify." Ashley Salman


Diversity, Inclusion and Equity

For the last round of Day 3, the presentation of the winner of the Premio MIP Cancun was held, in which the programs originated in and for Latin America, the Caribbean and the Hispanic market of the United States of America, which dealt with topics and stories diverse and inclusive throughout the region.

Once again, the podium was used to emphasize the need to make the industry more diverse, in front of and behind the cameras.

"Audiences are looking for complex stories that represent the complexity of their identities and beliefs. That's why it's important to achieve that empathy, and understanding  that inclusion is not a minor issue, but rather a responsibility as creators." Coty Cagliolo


The time has come for the PRODU Awards 2022!

The 6th Edition of the PRODU Awards finally arrived at MIP Cancun!

After a fun entry with photographs and interviews came the awards focused on recognizing the excellence of the industry, to applaud the best of the best in Latin and Spanish productions, so that it reaches all audiences in the world.

After an exclusive look at what's to come in the industry, it was time for the awards ceremony, and the winners were…


Leonardo Padrón, as Pilar de Guion; Zaida Jiménez, as Pillar of Programming; Cecilia Mendonça, as Pillar of Development; Ronald Day, as a pillar of Entertainment; Can Okan, Pillar of International Distribution; and Mónica Lozano, as Production Pillar.

Day 3 of MIP Cancun came to an end with the final party, with a huge buffet, nice music and the best ambiance for delegates to enjoy a night of fun under the stars, in the garden of the Moon Palace Resort Convention Center.


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