OneMIP - The TV industry’s largest content showcase


│ Login & Onboarding

Upon your EVENT registration you will receive an activation link by email, together with instructions to set your password, to log in to the platform. Email may fall in SPAM folder, do not hesitate to search for it upon the sender name “” or subject line “Complete your OneMIP Profile”. 

If you have forgotten your password, you can click on the link “Forgot password” on the login page. 

  • Enter your email address that you have previously logged in with 
  • Click “Send” and go to your email inbox. Please check your spam box.

Once you have opened the email titled “Reset your password”, click on the reset password button. It will open a new page where you can enter your new password twice and press the “Reset password” button.

For any login issue, please fill in our helpdesk e-form.

│Doing business on OneMIP

OneMIP is a great place to promote your company and network with the biggest buyer community in the TV industry.

Showcase your programmes and projects - synopsis and trailers - to the MIP buyers only and generate new leads and sales opportunities.

Depending on your content package, you are able to enhance visibility with branding and advertising opportunities.

We strongly recommend you to only add new content on the platform, even though there is little information on the new programmes/projects. The reason is that we want to make sure there will be strong interest from the buyers' community.

OneMIP is designed to fulfil buyers’ needs. You can use a wide range of filters and advanced search criteria to help you find the best content according to your acquisition strategy.

Content is classified through information provided by the rights-holder that includes Production Status, Genre, Year of release, Theme, Length, Number of episodes, Audience, and more.

Content Directory will open in early September. Through the Content Directory, you will be able to discover content relevant to you and check associated detailed information as well as screen the promo video or trailer attached to it. Moreover, it is possible to screen directly a specific video by clicking on the PLAY button. 

If you need more information on the programme or project and want to be contacted by the representative, you can either:

  • Click on the “contact me” button on the Company Page to show your interest.
  • Or contact directly the representative in charge of sales territories for the programme/project you are interested in. "Network messaging" functionality is available to contact them by clicking on their profile, then “Send a message”.

You can shortlist the programmes and projects you are interested in by clicking on “My Network & Plan” and finding them later on in your plan/wishlist.  

If you’re also attending the next EVENT in Cannes, you can take advantage of OneMIP platform to prepare your physical event.

  • The Session Directory will allow you to discover all conference sessions taking place at the EVENT as well as the speakers.
  • A specific filter will allow you to discover onsite Participants and Companies. Check their stand placement in Palais des Festival and network with their representatives.
  • You can use the "My Network & Plan" functionality to prepare your physical event. Select sessions you will be attending, companies to visit their stand or participants to meet. 

│ OneMIP content promotion

OneMIP content packages are available, on top of your registration, to promote your programmes or projects to the MIP audience.

As a distributor, producer, and development executive you will be able to feature as many programmes and projects included into the package(s) purchased by your company.

  • Basic Pack: 3 programmes & projects
  • Pro Pack: 10 programmes & projects
  • Premium Pack: 20 programmes & projects
  • Optimum Pack: 50 programmes & projects

You need to be one of company administrators of your company to add programmes and projects to the Content Directory.

If you need to add more content, you can purchase another content package or request to upgrade your pack for one of the superior packages.

Content Directory will be live mid-September for buyers only.

By then :

  • as a Seller, you can take your time to prepare your videos, fill in the synopsis, description and all attached data. We have enhanced filters and searching capabilities, to make sure everything is filled in properly.
  • as a Buyer, you can prepare and search for companies you might be interested in by using the advanced search and filter capabilities of the platform.